Cock & Bull at the Playhouse! # 6

1 Nov 2012



Song, Spoken Word, Stand-Up, Sketch and Improv monthly night curated by Flying Fish. First Thursdays at the Playhouse, Cable St Studios, London E1W 3HB

£5 advanced tickets, £7 on the door

It's that time of the year again and Las Catrinas are getting ready, picking orange marigolds to adorn their dead heads, candying the pumpkins to offer to the Dead. And here at the Playhouse Cock & Bull will be taking a trip down the Valley of the Dead with the help of some Living Legends...

You know the score by now: NEXT PORTAL OPENING TIME: Thursday, 1st November, 7:45pm- 8:15pm. TO ENTER THE PLAYHOUSE, YOU MUST ARRIVE AT THE COURTYARD OF CABLE ST STUDIOS DURING THIS TIME (between 7:45pm and 8:15pm)

You will be met by Death (and no, she doesn't wear a hooded cape and carry a scythe; not in real life), and escorted to our secret place. Your password: Time for Playhouse. Please note: if you arrive after the portal closes (after 8:15pm) you will not be able to enter the Playhouse. THERE IS NO ADMISSION AFTER THE SHOW HAS STARTED.

Once safely on the other side, across the sea of souls and over the mountain of skulls, you will find the following: Calaveras, Calacas and Flor de Muerto, Baron Samedi- the Loa of the Dead, Maman Brigitte and their mischevious offspring the Guede, and a top selection of Live acts on stage: BEN TARGET (yes, the one and only), ANNA MORRIS, LOU SANDERS, KARL SCHULTZ  and our un-dead compere extraordinaire, SAM QUINN. 

In a Word: DEAD-COOL

Put your top hats on, wear a skull for a face, book your tickets and LETS PLAY!!



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