The Cable St Conundrum

28 Jun 2009


A modern fable on three floors

(with unexpected outcome through player intervention)

Based on computer games mechanics with level progression in physical space

Fusing past, present and future and adding elements of pervasive gaming to create an alternative interactive reality which will culminate in a public game- style event: The Cable St Conundrum, Sunday 28th June 2009, from 7:30pm

Using the rich historical background as inspiration, Flying Fish Theatriks feed new life into a unique old building where the art of tomorrow is made. Through a series of staged and impromptu vignettes, a rare glimpse into the wonderful world of Cable St Studios is offered; a singular and unrepeated experience for each and every player/ participant/ viewer. Part performance, part open studios, and a big part game, this is Live Art at its liveliest.

It's your call. 

It's free.

You need only bring your powers of deduction and your spirit of adventure.

To reserve a place for you and your group e-mail MrRabbit(at) with your name and number of people playing.

Nearest tube: Limehouse DLR / Buses: 15, 115, 135, D3

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