Four Seasons Story-Box

25 Mar 2010 - 15 Dec 2012


Portals, Microcosms and the Art of Storytelling

A series of ten-minute stories performed every first Thursday of the month down the rabbit-hole at the Playhouse (and, sometimes, when outdoors at various arts festivals, in a specially designed giant rabbit-hutch), for two members of the audience at a time. A portal to other places, where contemporary and historical fiction, tales of modern London, myth and legend merge to form a world populated by 'real' and 'fictional' characters in playful interchange through beautiful narratives. To be enjoyed one story at a time. Many times, for those who wish to piece together the Bigger Picture.

This is an intimate storytelling project based on the concepts of Performing Literature and Minimal Theatre


written and directed by Jelena Curcic  

bonus story and magic by  Stuart Ekers

costume and set design by Morag McGuire

graphic design by Richard Stott




    Sam Quinn

    Liam Foley

    Stuart Ekers

    Jelena Curcic

    made by cablestudios
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