Good Morning, Mr Rabbit

16 Jan 2009 - 5 Feb 2009


''Well, there are these moments in life different from other moments, when a rabbit...or a man...becomes conscious on a higher, or rather- deeper level. Moments when dimensions overlap...''

A play about the schitzophrenia of the modern consumerist society.

East London tour: Chisenhale Dance Space, The People Show Studios, Jamboree

written by Milan Markovic

translated and directed by Jelena Curcic

creative team:

Dave Dow                Art/ Web/ Audio

Cherry Truluck      Set Design/ Video

Morag McGuire     Costume Design

Selwyn Leamy       Lighting Design

Ryan Harding         Light and Sound Operator



Peter Dancer           Mr Rabbit

Derek Arnold           Jovan/ Teddy

Alex Barson             Mira/ Foxy

Padraig Hyland       Doctor/ Number One

Dot Smith                 Mum/ Woman

David Stratful           Dad/ Petar

Janine Johnson      Boss/ Number Two

Play Pic
made by cablestudios
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